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Thanks to over 151,000 voters, Measure T passed with an overwhelming 74% of the vote! Thank you San Mateo County!!!
You Voted to Save the San Mateo Coast

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Highway 1 along the coast between Half Moon Bay and Pacifica. Montara Mountain and McNee Ranch State Park in the background.
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From the Half Moon Bay Review:

"A majority of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors considers the Martini Creek Bypass a 'dead' project and says it will push for construction of a tunnel behind Devil's Slide regardless of the outcome of the Nov. 5 Measure T vote.

"Nevertheless, Supervisors Ted Lempert, Ruben Barrales and Mike Nevin say a strong showing for Measure T, the tunnel initiative, is important to send a clear signal that San Mateo County is united in its support of digging a tunnel to detour the problem local stretch of Highway 1." continued ...

Tunnel Study May Make Bypass Approval Impossible
Environmental consultant Gary Deghi writes: "Reliance on the bypass is highly speculative given that current federal law could preclude CalTrans from obtaining permits for the bypass." continued ...
Tunnel Foes Lose Ally
SAMCEDA, a coalition of San Mateo County businesses, recently dropped their opposition to Measure T and pledged to help obtain funding for the tunnel when Measure T passes. Read SAMCEDA's letter to its membership.
Endorsements - They all say Yes on T!

The Media:
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Examiner
San Jose Mercury News
Half Moon Bay Review
Pacifica Tribune
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Redwood City Tribune

Elected Officials:
Congressman Tom Lantos
Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
State Senator Byron Sher
Assemblywoman Jackie Speier
Supervisor Ted Lempert
Supervisor Ruben Barrales
Supervisor Mike Nevin

Except for real estate speculators behind the No on T funding!
The San Mateo County coastside is a priceless environmental and recreational resource for all. Do we let Caltrans build a freeway bypass through a state park and over Montara Mountain, or do we build a cost-effective, safe and environmentally responsible tunnel?

NEW -- Overhead photos compare tunnel and bypass routes. See for yourself! (145K)
The Tunnel Caltrans' Freeway Bypass
Preserves coastal environment Natural habitat, recreational lands destroyed
Mountain remains unblemished Permanent scars visible from Marin
Less than one mile long 4.5 miles long
Straight and nearly level Curves and steep grades
Avoids fog hazard Dense, dangerous fog at high elevations
Reliable during earthquakes Bridges and landfills seismically unstable
Innovative and appropriate! Outmoded and overblown

On November 5th the choice is yours: Vote Yes On T!
Tunnel Costs Comparable to Bypass Costs; Consultant: Tunnel is "Reasonable and Prudent"; Politicians View Tunnel Funds Favorably

SmartVoter ­ Check out this non-partisan forum on Measure T (with good links to news articles) and other ballot issues. Sponsored by KQED-FM, San Jose Mercury News, League of Women Voters, San Mateo County Times, California Voter Foundation and others.

Tunnel Study Results ­ Most of the study is complete, and the Citizens' Advisory Committee is reporting to the Supervisors.

Tunnel Times October edition

Road to Ruin ­ A nation-wide coalition of taxpayer and environmental groups has called Caltrans' proposed Devil's Slide bypass "wasteful and environmentally destructive."

Listen to the Mountain One citizen's passion for the Mountain.

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