Volunteer Effort Makes Measure T a Success!

By Jason Hatch, SOC/CATS Volunteer Coordinator

At the "Hands Across the Mountain" festival, Ginny Wilson, Marty Kingshill and Emilio Ghergo prepare a sign honoring Measure T volunteers.
Photo by Janet Prochazka
Thanks go to all the volunteers who brought Measure T to San Mateo County's November ballot with nearly 35,000 signatures. Your hard work has provided the first opportunity in 30 years for voters to CHOOSE a solution which is right for the environment and coastal communities. Now we must do everything we can for Measure T to win at the polls on November 5. Several activities are essential for us to effectively communicate with the voters:

Phone Banking

The campaign will be calling potential supporters, urging them to become involved in our campaign through volunteering their time or contributing financially. Phone bank nights are held during the week and on the weekend.

Precinct Walking

Precinct walking will begin in mid-September. Walkers will meet on a weekend morning, divide up into teams and walk door to door in key precincts, talk to voters and identify our supporters. This activity is good exercise physically and politically. As we learned in the signature-gathering, our personal contact (armed with facts) has persuaded many people that the Tunnel Solution is right for San Mateo County.

Community Outreach

We will continue our tabling efforts at community events, farmers' markets and other venues. While tabling, we distribute literature and bumper stickers, answer questions, recruit volunteers and promote Sunday hikes on Montara Mountain. The Yes on Measure T campaign will be active each weekend at multiple community events.

Other Volunteer Activities:

  • Help with mailings
  • Letters to the editor
  • Staffing the office
  • Displaying yard signs
  • Sending "Dear Friend" cards

Yes on Measure T is a grassroots volunteer campaign. Please join in the drive to pass Measure T. If you can help with any of these activities, please contact Jason Hatch at (415) 641-0249 or [email protected].

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