Caltrans is ready to show us their plans.
Some of the plan involves filling up Green Valley. Where's that? Just north of Gray Whale Cove. Take a gander at what it looks like now.

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Thank you San Mateo County!
Measure T Received 74% of the Vote!

Thanks to your vote, these beautiful coastal mountains are now safe from a ruinous freeway.

Vote breakdown by city.

On election day, 151,458 voters in San Mateo County voted Yes on Measure T, authorizing the construction of a tunnel at Devil's Slide on Highway 1 and saving these mountains from Caltrans' bulldozers.

There's more to do, and those who asked for your trust and your vote are working now to expedite regulatory approvals, obtain full funding and build the tunnel. We'll post updates here to keep you informed and, we hope, involved.

We can use all the help we can get to retire the remaining campaign debt.

Second Supplemental EIS Completed
Caltrans has posted the entire environmental evaluation online. This is a major milestone! The document confirms that a tunnel is the best alternative. Its completion allows Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration to move on to the next steps (public comment, recording the Record of Decision, starting the design engineering, right of way engineering, and right of way acquisition). Funding is going well, and several of the next steps have funds committed. Plans for the balance are well underway, as well.

Caltrans' sketches:
Take a look at a couple of the alternatives Caltrans has drawn up. Note the bike lanes inside. The clear preference of just about every group is to use the existing roadway for a spectacular bike and pedestrian path.

Washington Trip Produces Results:
Two County Supervisors,Ruben Barrales and Mike Nevin "have won powerful bipartisan support for federal funding of a tunnel to replace the crumbling Devils Slide section of Highway 1," the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Lempert Introduces Tunnel Legislation:
Former County Supervisor and now Assemblyman Ted Lempert introduced two measures aimed at speeding the construction of the Devil's Slide Tunnel, with Assemblyman Louis Papan and State Senator Byron Sher as coauthors. "With the passage of Measure T in November, the people of San Mateo County clearly stated that the way to fix Devil's Slide once and for all is with a tunnel," said Assemblyman Lempert. "My two measures will help achieve their goal."

If you want to support Assemblyman Lempert's efforts, please write a letter of support (either personally or on your business or organization's letterhead):

Assemblyman Ted Lempert
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0001

Other addresses for your letters will be posted here as the bill progresses through committee.

Other Events of Note:

The old web site is still here, though much of that will evolve over time as our focus changes to reflect the job at hand. We'd especially like to thank those who endorsed Measure T for their support.