On this page you'll find: These are the arguments that will appear in your voter's handbook.

Argument Against Measure T

We are coastside residents and small business owners. We know from personal experience how devastating the loss of Highway One at Devil's Slide can be. Each time the road closes, our businesses are devastated and hundreds of us lose our jobs. In addition, the health and safety of our loved ones is threatened because emergency vehicles can't get through. That's why we need a quick and permanent solution to Devil's Slide. Unfortunately, Measure T is not the solution.

Read the fine print, and you'll find:

The simple fact is Measure T is not a quick or permanent solution to Devil's Slide. That's why we urge you to Vote No on Measure T. The future of our families and businesses depend on it.

Victor S. Tigerman
Former Mayor, Half Moon Bay
Senior Community Activist
Alexander M. King
Montara Resident
Albert J. Adrevveno
Former Mayor, Half Moon Bay
Retired flower grower
Susan W. Hayward
Montara Resident
Owner, Susan Hayward School of Dancing
John D. Barbour
El Granada Resident
Chairman - Citizens for Solutions Not Roadblocks
Owner, small business

Rebuttal to the Argument
Against Measure T

Measure T gives us a clear choice. Vote YES on T for the tunnel, or vote NO and Caltrans will build the freeway bypass. For the first time in thirty years the choice is ours.

Measure T is supported by residents, businesses and by a majority of coastside civic leaders who recognize that preventing the devastation wrought by the freeway bypass is good for business, good for families, and good for the environment.

A clear mandate from the voters in favor of a tunnel will empower our legislators to get the money needed to finally fix Devil's Slide. After 30 years of gridlock we deserve our share of highway funds to fix our Coast Highway. The sooner, safer, cheaper, and BETTER solution for Devil's Slide is the TUNNEL.


Deborah Ruddock
Mayor, Half Moon Bay
Jim Rourke
Retired California Highway Patrolman
Ellen Castelli
Mayor, City of Pacifica
Lennie Roberts
Chair, Save Our Coast
Rebekah Donaldson
Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways (CRASH)

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