10 Things You Can Do to Help the
Measure T Campaign:

10. Next time some folks tell you the bypass is funded, give them a dollar and ask them to try to buy a week's worth of groceries with it.
9. Please help with our precinct walking, phone banking, or information table activities. Contact Jason Hatch at (415) 641-0249 or [email protected] for information on how and when to volunteer.
8. Dress up in red tights and a cape with a big "T" on your chest. Pass out chocolate kisses and Yes On T literature. Hug the opposition. Register people to vote. Fight injustice whenever you see it. Be kind to endangered habitats and transportation officials.
7. Send us your donation to help cover the costs of the initiative campaign. Please make your check out to SOC/CATS and send it to PO Box 371296, Montara, CA 94037.
6. Try to find someone to explain how a freeway with a 100 foot wide roadbed, passing lanes, access lanes, runaway vehicle escape lanes, at least four bridges, 250 foot deep cuts and 300 foot high fills that destroys a State Park might be considered a "two-lane scenic road."
5. Put a YES on Measure T - Vote Tunnel bumper sticker on your car and a sign at your home. Get one of those snazzy T-shirts. Call SOC/CATS at (415) 737-1813.
4. Write letters to the editor and to your elected officials showing your support for Measure T. Addresses and phone numbers are available from SOC/CATS.
3. Send "Dear Friends: Vote Tunnel: Vote YES on T!" cards to everyone you know. Ask them to do the same. Cards available from SOC/CATS.
2. Sponsor a Measure T event in your community: an educational meeting, a forum, a debate, a party! Contact the SOC/CATS Speakers Bureau at (415) 333-6959 or (415) 728-2823.
1. Vote YES on Measure T on November 5, 1996!

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