Tunnel Costs Competitive with Bypass;
Consultant Deems Tunnel "Reasonable and Prudent"
Politicians View Tunnel Funds Favorably

On Monday, October 7, Caltrans released figures that allow the best comparison to date of tunnel and bypass costs:

These figures include maintenance costs over 35 years.

County Supervisor Ted Lempert noted that "it is not clear here that a tunnel is necessarily more expensive than a bypass." The completed formal report is expected by October 15.

Meanwhile, Ralph Trapani, a consultant hired by the County to assist with the tunnel study, said Monday that the tunnel is a "reasonable and prudent approach" to Devil's Slide.

What Elected Officials Say About Funding...

These quotes are from the San Jose Mercury News, Sunday, October 6
Cost estimates are as reported in the San Francisco Chronicl and the San Jose Mercury News of October 8

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