Its magnificent beauty has brought us solitude
and the rare opportunity
to commune with our natural environment ­
to reflect on our lives.

Caltrans engineers
have presented us with arguments
as to why a bypass is needed to be built
over Montara Mountain.

We have heard reasons
as to why a tunnel is a better alternative.
No one has spoken about
what people stand to LOSE if construction
occurs on the Mountain.

The incredible beauty,
and wonder
of the Mountain transcends
and convenience for humans.

The Mountain speaks to us ­ we MUST listen! ! !
Because of the Mountain's existence and the reality that
once it has been violated, there is no turning back.
What we have lost is lost forever,
lost for future generations.

We need a clear vision.
What is right for the Mountain
and what is the best solution for people.

We can only achieve solutions through
open, honest discussions and exploration of
facts, options available, and careful consideration
of what we will lose (or gain)
as a society in the process of
taming the environment and the Mountain.

I ask the San Mateo Board of Supervisors
to provide us with this vision,
and the opportunity to critically and creatively
explore solutions to the Devil's Slide issue.

Thank you.

­ Montara Resident Jill Forester
before the San Mateo Board of Supervisors,
August 1995

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