Who's Funding the Campaigns?

In case you've heard that the campaign to pass Measure T is backed by special interests with big money, you might be interested in funds raised and spent as of September 30:

  "Yes on T!" "No on T"
Funds Raised: $72,735 $89,476
Funds Spent: $40,660 $101,058
Biggest Donors: Sierra Club: $10,000 Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 467: $25,000

The U.S. Department of Labor has sued Local 467 for allegedly making $50 million in risky real estate investments with Ocean Colony Partners.

Mel Lane, former publisher of "Sunset" magazine: $5,000 California Alliance for Jobs: $10,326 in services

The CAJ is a coalition of highway-construction groups

Greenpeace: $4,336 Seaview/Half Moon Bay: $10,000

This is Palo Alto developer "Chop" Keenan's hotel development firm. Mr. Keenan is a partner in the controversial Conservatory Hotel with Bill Crowell, a spokesman for the No on T campaign.

  Ocean Colony Partners: $10,000

This Half Moon Bay real estate company was thwarted in one of its development efforts by a vote in recent local elections; Half Moon Bay residents didn't want the project.

  Moss Beach Distillery: $10,000

According to the San Jose Mercury News, "the majority of Yes on T's money comes from individual donors making $100 to $250 contributions" Yet just five contributors, almost all of them with strong ties to real estate development, are responsible for $65,326 in contributions to the No on T campaign ­ that's nearly 75% of all the money raised by No on T and nearly as much as has been contibuted to the Yes on T campaign.

So where do you stand: with tens of thousands of fellow citizens who put Measure T on the ballot, or with a hand-full of real estate speculators who want to pave the coast? On November 5, the choice is yours.

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