Zoe Kersteen-Tucker
Moss Beach, CA 94038

23 July, 1996
Dear Editor:

Citizens for Solutions, Not Roadblocks assert that Measure T (the Devil's Slide Tunnel Initiative) locks out options. They believe placing the determination of a solution for Devil's Slide into the hands of the voters somehow limits our options.

The fact is, the Local Coastal Program (LCP), as it exists today allows nothing but the bypass as the permanent solution for Devil's Slide. Until now, our choice has been the bypass or nothing. See Section 2.50b. of the current LCP ..."On Route 1, limit Phase 1 improvements to: (1) Construction of a two lane bypass with slow vehicle lanes around Devil's Slide".

Without the passage of Measure T, a tunnel can not be built no matter how cost effective, safe, and environmentally superior it is deemed in the tunnel study. We are currently locked into one and only one solution for Devil's Slide--the bypass. Its time to give the citizens a choice--VOTE YES ON MEASURE T.

Zoe Kersteen-Tucker

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