Janet Prochazka
San Francisco, CA 94112

Dear Editor:

Construction of the bypass at Devil's Slide would bring us one step closer to the urbanization of our coast Los Angeles style. Three things are needed to lay the groundwork for this development-- more sewer hook-ups, more water and bigger roads. Once these things are obtained its just a matter of time before our San Mateo Coast looks like "Tinsel town".

Is it a surprise that a vocal bypass supporter is also embroiled in a fight over sewer hook-ups for his reviled El Granada Hotel-Condo project, the once-burned Conservatory Hotel? The pro-bypass people have no community conscience. They simply want more water, more sewer hook-ups and bigger roads so they can make a bigger profit.

Deny the developers their spoils -- Vote Yes on Measure T.


Janet Prochazka

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