Zoe Kersteen-Tucker
Moss Beach, CA 94038

16 January 1996

Dear Editor:

Fixing Devil's Slide, a mere 300 yd. section of unstable bluffs along Highway 1, is something worth doing right. The tunnel is a state-of-the-art solution and preserves the scenic beauty of the coast we all value and enjoy. In contrast, the Caltrans-endorsed Devil's Slide bypass is a gaudy 4.5 mile, concrete monument to a bygone era of "big highway" construction. To mention but a few of the more noxious characteristics, construction of the bypass would involve the destruction of Montara Mountain and McNee Ranch State Park.

In the last year, support for the tunnel alternative has grown well beyond the environmental community. Most tunnel supporters do not fit the environmental zealot stereotype. Rather, they are concerned citizens who want a safe, reliable and cost-effective road. They are people looking for a demonstration of fiscal responsibility (or lack thereof) by their State Department of Transportation. They are people possessing vision to see beyond bulldozing our coastal resources.

The citizens of San Mateo County now have an opportunity to decide what will be done with Devil's Slide. Signatures are currently being collected from registered San Mateo County voters to qualify the Devil's Slide Tunnel Initiative for the November, 1996 ballot. This initiative, if enacted, will guarantee a tunnel as the permanent solution to Devil's Slide. Let the voters, not Caltrans, decide the fate of their coast. Vote Tunnel!

Zoe Kersteen-Tucker

Moss Beach

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